Singer-actor Singga is proud of his eye colour

The rare green shade of his eyes has always kept singer-actor Singga in focus. Well before he got into singing and films, he earned instant recognition and praises for his unique eye-colour. "I am proud of my eyes," said Singga.

Talking about living with it, he said, "I used to get a lot of compliments for my eyes. Sometimes, things would get awkward as I would get stopped for it." Did too much attention and praise make him shy? "Not exactly," he said. And when people repeatedly mentioned his eyes, Singga started to study about personality. "It helped me in experimenting with my looks. I feel lucky that I have a unique eye colour."


Many Punjabi actors, singers recently faced cases for breaching Covid guidelines. To this Singga said, "We need to be careful." The 29-year-old is doing charity work in his hometown for the needy. But he doesn't like talking about it. "The entire purpose of my work is defeated if I start talking about it. All the social work I do is personal," he said.

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