Franchise opportunity start your own business in Punjab

Punjab search is franchisee based business providing opportunities with “All in One” services with unlimited sources of income even in pandemic situation when employment opportunities are getting reduced every day and single product or single service based business are facing huge losses. Punjab Search helps to overcome these problems by providing franchisee model with multiple businesses under one roof.


Punjab Search is centralized information access system that is publicly accessible to anybody anywhere and gives unique growth platform to businesses for growth with profitability through online promotion and internet marketing.

Punjab Search is a venture of society for information & Technology of India. It comes under the main project of a society named Searchry. Searchry is a global search directory working on 200 plus countries worldwide.

Punjab search is franchisee based business providing opportunities with “All in One” services with unlimited sources of income even in pandemic situation when employment opportunities are getting reduced every day and single product or single service based business are facing huge losses. Punjab Search helps to overcome these problems by providing franchisee model with multiple businesses under one roof.

A franchise is a type of license that a party (franchisee) acquires to allow them to have access to “Punjab Search” (the franchiser) proprietary knowledge, processes and trademarks in order to allow the party to sell a product or provide a service under the name of Punjab Search. Franchise business has number of benefits, few are listed below:

•          The risk of business failure is reduced by franchising. Your business is based on a proven idea.

•          No prior experience is needed as the training received from the franchisor (Punjab Search) should ensure the franchisee establishes the skills required to operate the franchise.

•          Franchise benefits include lower risk, lower startup costs, existing brand recognition, and parent company marketing support.

We at Punjab Search is guarantee that a venture in IT & Non IT with us is successful, it is necessary for the franchisee/investor, to partner with a reputed company with the best technical experience.



To provide multiple income sources and self-dependency to large number OF PEOPLE AT AFFORDABLE COSTS With HIGH QUALITY of relevance and applicability for development At a FASTER PACE or in just-in-time mode or in an on-demand manner With WIDEST ACCESSIBILITY across all geographical regions, all sections of the society and all SIZE of BUSINESS and In a MASS PERSONALISED manner.

Our Associates

Punjab Search is a group of highly professionals, i.e. our Associates expert in their own sector grouped together under one roof i.e. Punjab Search. Our Associates nature of business are: Entertainment, IT Services, Educational Services, Job Placement, CA Services, Tour & Travels, Real Estate, etc. and continually adding many more. Our Esteemed Associates are listed below:


1.  My Eden Tube (Eden India Pvt. Ltd):

My Eden Tube is a one stop shop for all types of production work with finance services. We produce, film, web series, songs, documentaries etc. We are responsible for planning, executing, and producing diverse new media content. My Eden Tube can provide a full production crew for any size job as well as any post production need a client might have.


2.  Filmetix:

Filmetix is a casting, production and promotion company. A video production company dedicated to the creation of powerful visual content for corporate, commercial, Post Production, Social media and entertainment venture.


3.  The Infoage Solutions:

Infoage Technologies is a global IT consulting and services Founded in 2001, our firm is dedicated to developing effective outsourcing partnerships with clients in order to reduce their IT costs, improve process management and reduce time-to-market for new product ideas. We provide end-to-end software solutions in a variety of industry verticals, including publishing, finance, real estate, insurance, retail and others.


4.  Phoenix Consultancy:

Phoenix Consultancy was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind – to provide local businesses, with talented individuals. With local market knowledge and in-depth expertise spanning in excess of seven years, a true market leader in the provision of contingency permanent, temporary and contract recruitment services.


5.  Omdhara Foundation:

OmDhara Foundation is all about spiritual. OmDhara is access point to powerful invisible world. Here we are serving humanity from many years with normal and abnormal things and activities. OmDhara is unique combination of all religions and nature, religions are way of nature to find out “The One”


6.  Tax Masters:

Tax Masters  is engaged in the field of Chartered Accountant Services. We are the top Chartered Accountant in terms of gaining customer satisfaction. We assure best in Income Tax Returns TDS Returns, GST Resigration as well as Monthly/Quarterly Returns, GST Annual Returns, Company registeration, PF Apply, Firm Regiteration and many more CA related services.


7.  Auto Trade

Auto Trade deals in selling and purchase of all types of auto mobile vehicles. We connect the buyers and seller of used vehicles Commercial and Private, e.g. Cars, Two-Wheelers, Trucks, etc.


8.  Royal Estate International

International: Royal Estate is platform for property persons who engaged in selling and purchase of any kind of property like Flats, Villas and Commercial Property. Royal Estate International deals in rental property also.


9.  OXS

OXS is a classified platform where everyone can list his/her product wants to sell and the buyer can explore multiple options for his/her requirements. Any product can be listed on this platform like Electronics, Gadgets, Furniture, etc.


10.    Educationry

Educationry is a platform for students who wants to enroll themselves in a particular courses, i.e. Graduation, Post-Graduation. Educationry helps students to enroll in regular as well as distance learning programs.


Our Upcoming Associates


1.  Insurance Bazar

One stop insurance solutions


2.  City Health Desk

Online heath services



3.  Shoptiser

Shoptiser is an e-commerce platform where the traders can list their items to sell directly to end customer.


4.  City Travel Desk

City Travel Desk provides tours and travel services. You can avail the services to book the hotel, Air Tickets, Railway Tickets. City Travel Desk designs customized national and international tour packages as per your requirements.


Existing Business Opportunity

Punjab Search offer an exciting, ethical and unique business opportunity for enthusiastic people who want to join its growing success.   Business opportunities are open to all those who are willing to become members of this esteemed network.

We invite business builders from all parts of the country and abroad who wish to establish franchise of Punjab Search.

Our system make it easy for individuals who wish to enter this field of business and lack the time to put all the academic and business requirements in place.

Our carefully designed schemes and our experienced staff offer support, training, co-operation and success to each participants in the licensing Program.

Why reinvent the wheel …. This is our motto to all our business partners, we already have a successful working model.    You are not to do anything than just following what we have done and you will succeed… and here is what you are to do and also what all you will get from us.

The Role of Partner

v  Setting up of the premises at a prominent locality (own/rental), where clients can visit.

v  Promoting brand name strongly in the city and getting good number of clients.

v   Recruitment of only business development staff.

v  Adherence to organize the culture and work environment.

v  Willingness to take trainings.

v   Timely transaction of finance pertaining.

v  Getting the required enrolments through proper team coordination

v  Adherence to the corporate identity norms in use all print and stationery, advertisements etc.



Administrative Support


v Training of – Entrepreneur, Marketing, Administrative staff

v Regular staff Training at the Corporate Office  as well as at your location

v Premises set up details

v Help in recruitment


Marketing Support

v Developing a marketing strategy and media plan

v Designs of all advertisement and promotional material.

v  In depth training and guidelines for marketing staff at both Corporate Office                   and franchise  premises

v  Know-how on generating necessary tie-ups required for generating enquiries.

v Demo and promotional material pertaining to company

v General Marketing Kit

v Soft design for: Identity Cards, Visiting Card, Outdoor Flex, Pamphlet etc…




Salient Features

1.     Strategic partnerships and alliances.

2.     Product based programs.

3.     Training de-skilled.

4.     Comprehensive content.

5.     Industry recognized Training.

6.     Online Support.

7.     Strong promotion through extensive advertisement.




Financial Benefits



Franchise Benefit

1. Punjab Search

Business Listing





2. My Eden Tube

Media Project

Fund Value


1lac to 9.99 Lacs

2% of Fund Value

10 lacs to 24.99lacs

3% of Fund Value

25 lacs to 99.99lacs

4% of Fund Value

1Cr and above

5% of Fund Value

3. The Infoage Solutions


May Vary


Digital Marketing

May Vary



Rs.5,000 + Rs.2,500(setup cost)


Learning Courses


25% of the course fee



4. Phoenix Consultancy

Job Placement

May Vary

50% of the Revenue


May Vary

50% of the Profit

5. Filmetix


May Vary

100% of Registration Fee


May Vary

10% of Fund Value


May Vary

50% of the Revenue

6. Tax Mater

All Services

May Vary


7. Educationry


May Vary

50% of the Profit

8. Auto Trade

All Products

May Vary


9. OXS

All Products

May Vary


10. Royal Estate International

All Products

May Vary


11. Shoptiser


12. Insurance Bazar


13. City Health Desk


14. City Travel Desk



Other Benefits

Punjab Search has its CSR by the name of OMDHARA Foundation aims to give inner peace. We organize camps every 3 months. Our Franchise Partners will be given 50% discount. 




Infrastructure Requirements for Punjab Search – Franchise at your City

We present here with a proposal for your city which has been developed considering the population size, demographic, type of industries and geographic area of the city.

Premises Specifications

v Total space Requirement in Sq.ft. 300 – 800




v Owner – chamber                                                            1

v Meeting Room                                                                   1

v Staff training / conference hall                                     1

v Toilet, Reception, Pantry, Waiting area                     1         



Infrastructure Requirements

v Laptop(s)

v Scanner                                                                              

v LCD Projector –Optional                                               

v Printer                                                                                

v Net facility – unlimited –broad band facility            

v White Board                                                                                  

v Speaker set                                                                        

v Office stationary


Organisation Hirerachy

v Owner

o   Business Development Manager (2)

§  Business Development Executive  (4 x 2)

o   Receptionist


This is just an idea of the staff structure, which will depend upon the type of city and the requirements of the office.




Franchisee fee

Franchise fee is Rs.15000/- plus GST.   T&C apply.


Mode of Payment

By Cheque/ DD/Cash

Payable at:

Account Name: Infoage Technologies

Bank Name: UCO Bank

Account Number: 24670210000274

IFSC Code: UCBA0002467

MICR Code: 176028053



Franchisee Tenure

The franchisee agreement will be for 3 Years. The progress will be reviewed Quarterly, half yearly and annually.


Franchisee Terms

Punjab Search reserve the rights to make any changes in agreement without any prior notice.




Action Plan

1.     Meeting with the prospective franchisee partner.

2.     Visiting of Punjab Search management team to site for approval and then finalizing ATC design.

3.     Signing up the MOU.

4.     Press conference and announcement of Franchise at the town.            

5.     Identifying the local building and finalizing the arrangement by franchise Partner.

6.     Recruitment of staff and sending them for training.

7.     Remittance of remaining franchise fee and singing the Agreement.

8.     Completing the interior and infrastructure set up within 20 days.

9.     Deputation of staff on to the office.

10.                        Press advertisement for inauguration.

11.                         Inauguration.

12.                        Start take orders

13.                         Beginning of order delivery within 7 working days.

14.                         Start happy earning.



BE an Punjab Search Partner and See yourself GROWING !

To achieve our goal, we are building a net of self-sustaining and wealth creating Franchise program for promoting our various NEW PRODUCT AND SERVICES.



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