Logic at its Best

A conversation heard at a local pub: "Gee, Sam, wish you were here with me." "But Tom, I am. Look see, Im right in front of you." "No youre not." "Yes, I am." "Can prove youre not. Bet you $5." "Youre on." "Youre not in New York City, are you?" "Thats true." "And youre not in Montreal." "Cant argue with you there." "And you are definitely not in Paris." "Nope." "If youre not in New York City, Montreal or Paris, then you must be someplace else." "Yea, that makes sense." "Well, if youre someplace else, you cant be here. So pay up, lets have the $5." "Cant." "Why not?" "Im not here."


Get your Account / Listing

Here we come up with a choice for you to choose between these two type of accounts : Personal(non business) Account and Business Account. Each account has its own features, read and compare for better understanding. This will help you in choosing what kind of account you need to register with us.

Personal / Non Business Account

In this account type you can do any thing as individual
like wall post, reviews business etc...


Commercial / Business Account

In this account type you can promote your business with all posibilies
and wall post, reviews other business etc...